Empower Your Teen To Build Focus, Confidence, Self-Discipline & Physical Strength At Australian Karate Academy!


AKA Teens Karate

If you want your teens to get moving, build physical strength, and learn self-defence skills while having fun, then Australian Karate Academy is here for you.

Let your teens get rewarding life experiences like training Karate at Australian Karate Academy.

Our Karate Class for teens is designed to develop the student’s high-value character like goal-setting, confidence, respect and discipline.

Your teens will have a sense of personal power (just like what teens want) evolving from facing challenges and getting results for the efforts done inside the Dojo.

You, as a parent, will be comfortable and confident that your teens are certainly having fun in a safe environment.


SPECIAL OFFER: Get 2 Weeks Of Unlimited Classes Plus FREE Uniform When Joining For Only $29 (Valued at $135).


Joining the AKA 3 years ago with my then 14 year old daughter has brought so many benefits to both our lives. I've trained off and on since I was 10 (mostly off!). I am delighted, and a bit surprised, that my daughter has embraced her own karate journey. The McMahon family have established a very well balanced, family-oriented, yet competitive club, built on the purposeful study of traditional and modern practices. It is not unusual to see three generations of their family at training. The range of class types, and teaching method have made it easy to stay motivated. I highly recommend.


Steven McCormack

There Are Many Reasons Why Karate Training Is Rewarding For Your Teens

Our Teens program is designed to develop:

  • Self-defence skills & effective response to physical confrontations
  • Better response to physical and mental stress
  • Physical fitness & strength
  • Mental health
  • Flexibility & agility
  • Social skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Self-discipline
  • Goal-setting skills
  • Focus
  • Leadership

And there’s more.

The student will get a support system with coaches, students and parents involved.

At Australian Karate Academy, your teen is set to reach their full potential.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 2 Weeks Of Unlimited Classes Plus FREE Uniform When Joining For Only $29 (Valued at $135).


What Students Are Saying About Australian Karate Academy


Matt Whitlock

My eldest son has attended AKA for 10 years now. We reviewed and visited a number of clubs before deciding on AKA - it was the right decision.It’s been great to watch him grow and develop as he’s progressed through his belts and has now been a Black Belt for about 2 years.

Now that he’s in the adult classes, it has also given me the chance to train with Sensai Cheyne and the instructor team he has put together. It was an excellent decision and I enjoy the challenge of learning something new and pushing myself. I now feel bad when I miss a training session and would train 4 times a week if I had the time!

Matt Whitlock

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